Zhongtuo Machinery – In Progress at the US International Construction Fair (IBS 2024) W5640 Booth

The ZTRFM sales team has come to the United States to participate in the IBS 2024 Building Materials Machinery Exhibition. It is a pleasure to meet our loyal and potential customers here.

At the opportunity filled Las Vegas Building Materials Exhibition in the United States, Cangzhou Zhongtuo Cold Bending Forming Equipment Co., Ltd. can be said to be a beautiful scenery. There are countless customers. This time, led by Liu Shanghui, the General Manager of the Sixth Business Department, the team included both the Business Manager and the new salesperson. Everyone seized this rare opportunity for training and gained a lot.

The team led by Mr. Liu showcased Zhongtuo’s mechanical equipment, such as # floor bearing machine, # glazed tile machine, color steel tile machine, keel machine, # CZ steel machine, and light steel keel machine, all of which attracted the attention of customers. These high-tech products are a strong proof of the rapid development of Zhongtuo.

On this international stage, new salespeople not only gain insights, but also deeply appreciate that the outside world is very exciting.

Through communication with professionals, they have gained valuable growth opportunities, which can be described as “applying what they have learned and promoting learning”.

The development speed of Zhongtuo is evident, keeping up with the trend of the times, constantly exploring new technologies, embracing high technology, and even venturing into the field of artificial intelligence and AI. This exhibition undoubtedly fills the team with confidence, believing that in the future, Zhongtuo will continue to move forward and create more brilliance!