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“Efficiency Intelligence # Cross shaped Steel Automatic Changing Roller Forming Machine, equipped with punching and shearing, adapts to various waist height forming needs, adopts advanced Siemens cloud system, achieves real-time data monitoring and remote management, and intelligently improves production efficiency.”

Let’s talk about our cross shaped steel changing # roller forming equipment, which is the black technology in the industry!

Firstly, in the feeding section, a guide shaft and a guide wheel are added to ensure stability and smooth material flow.

Next, level the board with a layout of top three and bottom four, combined with two guides, to make it smooth and comfortable.

The highlight is the main shaping, with 18 rollers working together like a masterpiece. The waist height shaping can be adjusted between 87 and 95 degrees, making it flexible and versatile.

The power system adopts a 20A double row chain, driven by upper and lower shaft gears, which is called a powerful! Any punching can easily meet various needs.

Board output speed? It’s really fast! Driven by servo motor, it can reach 28m/min in high-speed mode, with a comprehensive speed of 12-18m/min, and the accuracy is quite accurate.

The cloud system is a stroke of genius, with real-time presentation of production information that can be controlled by mobile phones, Pads, and PCs. CAD drawings are automatically converted and uploaded remotely, and artificial intelligence AI digital management is used to automatically generate data reports and remote operation and maintenance. Everything is under control!

In short, this device is simply a combination of efficiency and intelligence. With one device, I have it all over the world!