On site signing of the 135th Canton Fair – Cangzhou Zhongtuo


At the 135th Canton Fair, Cangzhou Zhongtuo signed a contract on-site, and customers directly paid the intention deposit in cash. The signing event of this exhibition aims to further promote cooperation between Zhongtuo Company and the international market, improve product quality and service level.

Zhongtuo Company enjoys a high reputation in domestic and international markets for its excellent product quality and service quality. The signing event of the Canton Fair has attracted the attention of customers and partners from all over the world. The government leaders emphasized the outstanding contributions of Zhongtuo Company in technological innovation, remote operation and maintenance, and digital automation equipment in their speech, and expressed appreciation for the achievements made by Zhongtuo Company.

This signing event will be held at the Canton Fair. Zhongtuo Company has signed multiple cooperation agreements with clients from countries such as Guinea, South Korea, Mexico, Burkina Faso, Algeria, and the United States. This includes multiple product series such as # Color Steel Tile Machine # Keel Machine # Glass Tile Machine Building Support Plate Machine. These cooperation agreements will open up broader development opportunities for Zhongtuo Company in the international market, further improving product quality and service level.

Zhongtuo Company has invested heavily in technological innovation, adopting remote operation and IoT technology to provide customers with more efficient and intelligent solutions. The successful holding of this signing event not only demonstrates the strength and reputation of Zhongtuo Company, but also injects new vitality into the economic development of Cangzhou City. The success of Zhongtuo Company is attributed to the government’s support in booth allocation. The government actively provides a superior display environment and background for Zhongtuo Company, creating favorable conditions for its cooperation with international clients. This close cooperation between the government and enterprises has provided strong support for the development of Zhongtuo Company and also set a model for the economic development of Cangzhou City.

Zhongtuo Company will continue to be committed to improving product quality and service level, and providing better solutions for customers from all over the world!