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ZTRFM hot filming Metal laminated PE/Nanomembrane/PVCPET roof panel


This hot film production line is used to produce a new type of sandwich metal coil or sheet, which has better properties than the previous sandwich sheet, and is easier to operate in fully automatic production, and greatly improves production efficiency.

Introduction of new sandwich panels

Material composition

The new material consists of 6 layers: protective film + aluminum foil + PPGI + PE film (top) + aluminum foil (bottom) + anti-corrosion layer

(You can arbitrarily combine different number of sandwich layers according to different needs to be used in the construction of different scenarios, such as farms, chemical laboratories or house construction)

New sandwich material advantages

With PE film-anti condesation and anti rain dripping 

With PE film-sound insulation and acoustic

Muti-film-heat insulation/thermal

Sandwich aluminum foil-acid and alkali resistance

Corrosion-resistant alloy aluminum foil, modified polyester film, fluorocarbon coating and other materials are laminated to make anti-corrosion composite materials to achieve the performance characteristics of no rust and no water leakage. It can be used for more than 10 years in a corrosive environment, and the service life can reach 15 years or even more than 20 years in a normal environment, which greatly saves subsequent maintenance costs.

Moreover, our thermal laminated sheet technology is heated by the machine at high temperature to achieve the tight connection of the metal sheet, PE film, aluminum foil and other films. Compared with the traditional glue bonding sandwich core process, the connection is better and the service life is also long. Greatly extended.

Our finished products showing

PE coil

Metal-PE hot film coil

6 layers sandwich roof sheet-anti corrosion

If you need coils or finished plates, we can also customize the finished products and sell them. If necessary, please contact us in time.


PE/Nano/PVCPET hot metal filming production line working flow

Following will introduce for you the normal and hot sell metal-PE film producing line.Optional types of Cross-Linked Polyethylene foam: Cross Linked Polyethylene – 2LB, Cross Linked Polyethylene – 3LB Charcoal,  4LB Charcoal and others.

PE Filming Machine is composed by the following elements: Hydraulic decoiler either 5 ton or 10 Ton or bigger with or without loading car, the hot pressing machine, the pit if you factory allows to dig, the S rollers for make the coil tight, and the recoiler.

Heating part showing:

Decoiler-recoiler showing:

We have a professional technical team and high-quality machines. If you need a sandwich production line or want to buy finished plates, please contact us. We will help you with the best price and best service.