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The seam grouting anchor rod for mining pipes is a type of full-length anchoring, and its three-dimensional part is a high-strength steel pipe with a longitudinal opening.

When installed in a borehole smaller than the pipe diameter, it will apply pressure to the surrounding rock, making it more stable.

Steel strip shaped anchor rods can save costs and increase practical efficiency.

#Zhongtuo Mining’s anchor rod machine and unwinding machine are equipped with blocking material to ensure that the material will not collapse. A pair of rollers are added to the feeding port to fix the direction of the material, which also plays a directional guidance role. The forming part adopts a combination of vertical and horizontal rollers. Although the four angle simultaneous forming equipment has a small volume, the force is very large. The gearbox transmission maintains a constant force, and the Omron welding pipe machine uses a dedicated counter to count without slipping. Siemens Electric’s remote operation and maintenance data collection and intelligent analysis.

During hydraulic cutting, the cutting and cutting are completed synchronously

The hydraulic station is equipped with an accumulator to maintain a constant and stable cutting and punching pressure.

Equipped with a necking machine, foot driven, easy to operate # Zhongtuo cold bending, making production simpler!