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Pallet shelving, also known as crossbeam shelving or cargo space shelving, is usually a heavy-duty shelving system commonly found in various warehousing shelving systems in China.

The rack column system equipment is one of the important components used to generate pallet style shelves, and the finished product produced is the “rack column”.

The size and design of columns vary depending on the load capacity and style, such as L-shaped (light capacity), C-shaped (medium capacity), and special C-shaped (large capacity).

During the production process, holes and slots are stamped to install the load beam into the vertical frame.

This set of rack column system equipment includes a complete set of column production lines, including unwinding machines, hydraulic punching machines, rack column forming machines, material receiving platforms, and other parts. Different sizes of rack columns can be produced through parameter settings.

This equipment adopts a PLC control system and hydraulic cutting equipment, which can perform fixed length cutting on the column while ensuring a smooth and beautiful cut of the finished product.