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With the continuous acceleration of urbanization, the construction of highways has become an important component of modern urban transportation. However, traffic noise has a significant impact on the quality of life and health of nearby residents. To solve this problem, Zhongtuo Company has developed an innovative cold bending sound-absorbing wall equipment, which improves the environmental quality of urban areas by reducing traffic noise.

#Zhongtuo Cold Bend Sound Absorbing Wall Equipment is a type of equipment specifically designed for highway sound insulation and noise reduction. Its main principle is to absorb and isolate noise through the structure and materials of the wall. Zhongtuo Company’s sound-absorbing wall equipment adopts advanced manufacturing processes and materials, which have sound insulation effects and good durability.

The production process of Zhongtuo # highway soundproof panel equipment is divided into two processes. The initial process is punching, which is achieved by using a 5T hydraulic unwinding machine, a 200T punching machine, and a 5T damping winding machine to obtain a rolled orifice plate. This type of orifice plate has good breathability and sound absorption effect. Then the process is forming, using a double roll feeding method to protect the integrity of the orifice plate material. The use of combination rollers during the molding process ensures the angle and aesthetics of the wall panels. The cutting blade is double edged, reducing blade wear and improving production efficiency.

Install sound-absorbing cotton inside the formed wall panel and combine it to form an sound-absorbing wall, thereby achieving the effect of noise reduction. Sound absorbing cotton is a material with good sound absorption performance, which can effectively absorb noise and reduce its propagation. In this way, when vehicles pass through soundproof walls on highways, the noise will be absorbed and isolated, reducing interference with nearby residents.

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In summary, Zhongtuo Cold Bend Sound Absorbing Wall Equipment is a type of highway sound insulation and noise reduction equipment. It can effectively reduce traffic noise and improve the environmental quality of urban areas through advanced manufacturing processes and materials. Zhongtuo Company is committed to providing a more comfortable and livable environment for urban transportation, making people’s lives better.