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Oue trapezoid roof sheet making machines have many advantages.

  1. We have both manual and fully automatic trapezoidal profile roofing sheet roll forming machines. They specially designed for forming various sizes and specifications trapezoidal profile roofing sheet and wall panel, under mass-production
  2. The roofing sheet making machine holds a wide range of production speed: 15/20/30/40/50/60 meters/min options.
  3. Working with a non-stop flying cut and full automatically stacking system for you to choose.
  4. Certified with Multi-Patents including CE Certified, EUROPEAN quality standard.
  5. For most of the hot&popular profile sheet making machine models, we have ready roofing tile roll forming machines in stock for prompt deliver.

The whole production line include: Decoiler, roll former, hydraulic cutting system, control system and receive table.

Let’s see some comparisons about the trapezoidal profile roofing sheet roll forming machines.