Glazed tile roofing sheet making rolling forming machine

Improved transmission mode and production speed

With the exploration and development of the market, glazed tiles roofing sheet have been recognized by many customers, but with the increasing number of orders, the production of machines also needs to be increased.

We use a servo motor instead of a regular motor. The servo motor stops stably and does not have any size errors. Additionally, we increase the power of the motor to increase the speed of the machine, ensuring both speed and correct size.

In general, the glazed tile roofing sheet making rolling forming machine pressing part requires a hydraulic oil station to drive, and the motor power of the general hydraulic oil station is 3kw or 4kw. Our current basic motor power is 5.5kw. In order to ensure the speed of the machine, we can increase the power to 7.5kw or 11kw.

By increasing the power of the motor, we have increased the running speed of the machine, which can reach up to 8 meters per minute at the fastest and up to 6 meters per minute at a slower speed. This will vary depending on the pitch width.

As customers’ requirements for tile size become higher and higher, we also have higher and higher requirements for the configuration of our machines.

After the speed increases, we also need to control the size and the lifespan of the machine.

Therefore, in this respect, we will adopt the structure of gearbox transmission+cast iron memorial archway to ensure the stable operation and service life of the machine.

glazed tile roofing sheet making machine

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