You are currently viewing 1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel rolling forming machine for wall or ceiling

1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel rolling forming machine for wall or ceiling

 Resilient Channel is designed to make your walls and ceilings more resistant to damage, which is the most popular methods is to use currently. The channel is designed to be installed between the studs in your walls or ceiling. Resilient channel, also known as RC, is a metal framing material. While it was originally designed for crack suppression for drywall panels, it is now primarily used to change the acoustical properties of walls and ceilings. It has a characteristic zig-zag shape with two legs connected by a web and is usually 1/2″ deep. When building a wall, the RC is positioned perpendicular to the studs and the short leg is attached to the studs. The drywall is then screwed onto the long leg (rather than into the studs). Bases on the demand of the market, we developed the rolling forming machines to make the (1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel in the highest speed of 70m/min. Here is the drawing profile for your reference:

1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel rolling forming machine for wall or ceiling

This resilient channels are manufactured with a 1-1/4” top flange, and a 1/2” nailing/screw attachment flange, giving the channel 1/2” furring height from the face of thewall stud. RC1 is produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel in standard G40 coating weight. G60 is available upon special request.Steel Thickness :0.0188 (0.48mm)  or 0.0179 (0.46mm)
(1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel rolling forming machine

Resilient Channel machine

(1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel rolling forming machine working flow:

Resilient Channel machine working flow

Features of (1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel rolling forming machine:

  1. The highest speed it can reach 70m/min including the punching process.
  2. Design with double head decoiler for changing coil easily and supporting working in a high speed.
  3. Use the rotary punching instead of normal CNC punching, small noise but higher speed.
  4. 16 roller station rolling forming machine with servo tracking system.
  5. With the package machine for fast package.
  6. Whole line is fully automatic, normally speaking one worker can make the work easily.
  7. PLC operation.

Now let us check the elements one by one.

Resilient Channel machine

There are more information for your reference:

Resilient Channel

(1/2″ HEIGHT)Resilient Channel rolling forming machine testing video for your reference: 

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