Zhongtuo Quanxin Cold-formed Anticorrosive Sheet

In December 2023, proposed by China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization, attributable to Building and Municipal Engineering Products Application Branch and drafted by China State Inspection and Testing Holding Group, Zhongtuo cooperated with related enterprises to participate in the drafting and formulation of the standard for the application of aluminum film thermal insulation metal sheets in the construction industry which has been implemented officially.

Zhongtuo Quanxin cold-formed anticorrosive sheets have passed various performance tests in National Inspection Center Of Building Material and International Authoritative SGS Testing Organization. The sample indexes have combined all relevant standards and requirements. And they have far exceeded the standard level in acid and alkali resistance and corrosion prevention. Additionally, the thermal insulation and scratch repair features have demonstrated zhongtuo’s strength of technology and innovation. The following are the performance test results.

Zhongtuo establishes a sound and strict production testing system following the standard and requirements, and actively promote the application of energy-saving metal roofing materials. Up to now, Zhongtuo Quanxin metal roofing sheets have won much critical acclaim in metallurgical foundry enterprises, such as Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Rentong Steel Company, Jingliang Electric Equipment Company and others. They also have been well received in chemical industry and supported for Tianjin Xingyuda New Energy Technology Company,Inner Mongolia Miraculous Crop Science Comapny, Henen Aokai Medical Technology Enterprise and others. As for foreign markets, Zhongtuo Quanxin metal roofing sheets have been exported to more than 30 countries to replace the traditional color-coated sheets. They have become hot-selling products  of foreign partners.

Test Item

Coating Thickness

Testing Results


Surface Resistance to Pencil Scratch Hardness: 9H, unscratched

Coating Flexibility: 0T, no cracking and shedding

Coating Adhesion

Adhesion Grade: 0 grade

Minimum Failure Depth: 8.8mm

Impact Resistance: 50cm, no cracks, wrinkles and flaking

Resistance to acid, alkali and oil

Gloss Lost Level: level 2

Discoloration level: level 2

Strain Resistance: X=7.10%

Salt Spray Resistance Test:

Comprehensive Aging Performance Grade of Protective Paint Film: 0 grade

Peel Strength: Experimental coating cannot be peeled off.

Liquid Resistant Medium: Visible discoloration

Resistance to Temperature Difference: No appearance changes of bubbling, shedding, opening and coating cracking

Resistance to Boiling Water:

Gloss Lost Level: level 2

Discoloration level: level 2