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Pallet racking is also commonly known as beam racking, or cargo racking, usually heavy-duty racking, in a variety of domestic storage racking system is very common.
Shelving column system equipment is used to generate one of the important components of the palletized racking equipment, the finished product is produced as “shelf columns”.
The size and design of the columns vary depending on the load capacity and style, such as L-type (light capacity), C-type (medium capacity), and special C-type (large capacity).
During the manufacturing process, the holes and slots are stamped for mounting the load beams into the vertical racks.
This racking column system equipment contains a complete column production line including uncoiler, hydraulic punching machine, racking column forming machine, receiving table and other parts, which can be set by parameters to produce different sizes of racking columns.
The equipment adopts PLC control system and hydraulic shearing equipment, which can cut the columns at fixed length and ensure the finished products have a smooth and beautiful cut.