Visiting Enterprises and Promoting Employment丨The Department of Economic Management visited Cangzhou Zhongtuo International Trade Co.

In order to further promote the multi-dimensional and high-quality employment of college students, recently, Zhang Weixin, secretary of the Party branch and director of the Department of Managerial Management of the University, led Li Xiaoyu, deputy secretary, Sun Suyu, deputy director and Zheng Xufeng and Meng Wei, two teachers, to carry out a special exchange of activities with the head of the Cross-border E-commerce Association of Cangzhou City, Mr. Xu Lianxing, president of the association, and the person in charge of the Alibaba project to visit the enterprises and expand the job.

President Xu led a visit to the enterprise training laboratory, conducted a real-time display of global equipment operation data, and gave a detailed introduction to the development situation and talent demand of foreign trade enterprises in Cangzhou as well as the school-enterprise talent cultivation program. Secretary Zhang introduced the basic situation of our school and the employment situation of students, and hoped that the enterprises could provide more high-quality positions for our graduates and further strengthen the exchange and cooperation with our school. The person in charge of Alibaba also shared his own successful cases, and the exchange atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

This visit to the enterprise to expand the post exchange activities clearly led by the industry associations, school-enterprise cooperation intention, discussed the next walk enterprise-school cooperation to set up the basic idea of foreign trade order class, strengthened the integration of industry and education, supply and demand docking, to further help college students high-quality employment and serve the development of the region’s foreign economy has laid a solid foundation.