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Solar Panel Bracket Roll Forming Machine ZTRFM-S005


Solar Panel Bracket Roll Forming Machine also called Solar mounting structure strut channel rolling forming machine,strut channel machine, strut channel rolling forming machine

Function: Solar mounting structure strut channel rolling forming machine is designed to make the solar mounting structure strut channel in batch fully automatic by rolling forming principle.

Finished products introduction  

Strut channel, sometimes called channel strut, supports lightweight structural loads such as wiring, plumbing, or HVAC equipment in buildings. Strut channel, often referred to colloquially by one of several manufacturer trade names, is a standardized formed structural system used in the construction and electrical industries for light structural support, often for supporting wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components such as air conditioning or ventilation systems. Here are some usage pictures for your reference:

Because the finished product is customized according to your needs, and we have a professional technical team to draw the finished product layout for you. Therefore, our molding machine is also customized.

Next, I will show you several common drawing profiles:

finished products without punching holes 

Profile drawing with punching holes


Machine types and introduction

For different customer budgets and needs, there are usually the following two solutions for machine design.

Economic Design Option A 

For the economic design, we use the middle plate as frame and using the GCR15 as the roller material,reduce the machine cost on the basic of confirm machine quality and long service time. the machine design like the following pictures, the price is around 20000 USD for two sizes(The detail price is calculated according to the profile drawing required by the customer)

Strong version Option B

For this design, we use the gearbox as transmission, and the molding frame as the machine based .And the flying tracking cutting system, the roller material is GCR12 mov, it is very good hardness for long service time, the price is around 38000 USD(The detail price is calculated according to the profile drawing required by the customer)

Under enough budget,The reason recommend you choose B

As the machine, whole metal sizes frame is hard to change the roller and adjust them to make by one machine. You need to remove frame, chain and others and then you can change. And also for the material thickness beyond 2.5mm, we do suggest to use the gearbox as the transmission, as the chain transmission, you can not use more than 3 years. This profile is hard to bend as the size is small but the thickness is very thick. So it need more strength to make it.

Solar panel bracket roll forming producing line

working areaaround 30m length(If you have detail requirement tell us)
decoileruncoiling the steel coil
levelingmake the material be flat for feeding
punching machine(optional)normal 80 tons strength,just need choose when need punching holes
solar panel bracket machineroll forming and cutting to the length of finished products you need
automatic receiving tablereceiving the finished products


Quality control system

We will do the testing seriously, for the size control and punching holes control all we will test and measure carefully.