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Zhongtuo Machinery specializes in the production of photovoltaic support bracket machine.We are able to provide solutions for photovoltaic support molding machines for facility construction in the solar industry.

We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to cold bending equipment, our engineers can customize different equipment according to the needs of different customers. Our machines are exported to more than 150 countries including USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Poland, France, South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, Russia, India, South Korea and many more.

Solar photovoltaic bracket roll forming machine is a full automatic line to produce the solar photovoltaic bracket strut ,which is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in solar photovoltaic power generation system.

It is suitable to produce strut channels with thickness from 1.5-2.5mm, even up to 3mm. This line consists of hydraulic uncoiler, servo feeder, press machine/ individual punch unit for punching hole, roll former, servo tracking cutter, and electrical & hydraulic system.

General materials include aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel.The products related to solar support system are made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

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Machine Specifications

Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works , Other
Feeding material:PPGI PPGL GI GL
Thickness of the plate:1.5-2.5mm
Diameter of the axle :90mm
Rolling stages:18
Cutting blade:Cr 12 Mov
Roller material:Cr 12
Voltage:380V 50Hz 3phase or as requirement
Transfer method:Gearbox
Total power:22kw

Photovoltaic bracket production line configuration components

Photovoltaic bracket production line composition

1double head hydraulic decoilerSet1
2leveling and feeding deviceset1
3roll forming machineset1
4electric systemset1
5tracking cutting systemset1
6punching machineset1
7output tableset1

Double head hydraulic decoiler

We use a double-head hydraulic uncoiler, which can carry 3 tons of raw materials on each side. The double-head hydraulic uncoiler can allow customers to save time for material change, help customers to produce quickly and improve production efficiency.

Roll forming machine

With gearbox transmission, the final product is more precise

Tracking cutting system

Cutting with hydraulic servo tracking

Blades are finished and heat treated to cut burr free

Punching station

The punching device adopts the method of servo tracking online punching.

Common problem:

Q: 1. How to solve the problem that the roller sticks to the zinc layer of the raw material during the rolling process of the machine?

During the production process of the machine, the roller has been in the state of rolling, so that the zinc layer on the surface of the galvanized sheet will fall off. The customer will use it for a long time to cause the roller to be uneven, the size and gap of the roller to be inaccurate, etc., so we have the following solutions. Program

A: We can add an oiling device, also known as an automatic oiler, to the feeding port of the machine. There is felt on the automatic oiler. After dripping oil, there is a thin layer of oil on the surface of the steel plate, so that the Avoid the phenomenon of falling off or very little phenomenon.


The solar photovoltaic bracket is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in the solar photovoltaic power generation system. The general materials are aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel.