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In the metal processing industry, precision and efficiency are key factors. The Zhongtuo longitudinal cutting equipment is designed to meet these needs.

This professional equipment can handle various metal materials including cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and surface coated materials, ensuring wide applicability.
Zhongtuo steel coil longitudinal cutting machine is mainly used for longitudinal cutting and slitting of ordinary steel coils and preparing billets for the next process.
Hydraulic loading trolley load capacity: 25T

Double head feeding machine
When there is a deviation between the center of gravity of the steel coil and the main center of the production line, two feeding machines can load the steel coil and complete the winding by aligning it to the left or right simultaneously
The transition raceway table is used as a conveyor board to prevent friction between the board and the workbench and protect the board material.
The function of the hydraulic guiding mechanism is to align the center of the plate delivered by the clamping and initial straightening mechanism with the centerline of the edge cutting machine, preventing the plate from shifting left and right.

One end of the longitudinal shear unit frame is a hydraulic push-pull type, and the two blade shafts are double hanging tool changing, which is convenient and fast, and can meet the slitting and trimming of various plate width sizes.
Design a separation shaft at the entrance, cooperate with the winding separation, and form tension with the winding to ensure the neatness of the winding.
Hydraulic winding machine
Adopting hydraulic swing pressure arm, the pressure arm is equipped with separated positioning blocks to ensure neat winding.

Equipped with hydraulic support arms to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the 25T steel coil.
Electronic control system:
The characteristics of the DC control system are four quadrant operation, fast response speed, good dynamic and static characteristics, equipped with high-precision and high pulse encoders, which can effectively control the sizing accuracy and running speed of the sheet metal.
The vertical cutting line equipment has a high degree of automation, simple and reliable operation, fast production line speed, and self matching unit speed. Zhongtuo’s vertical cutting line equipment is widely used in the metal processing industry, providing strong support for manufacturing various metal products, helping enterprises improve production capacity and market competitiveness.
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