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The P-shaped shelf crossbeam forming machine is a crossbeam equipment used for producing shelf series components.

P-shaped crossbeams are commonly used for goods display, placement, and product display in warehouses, shopping malls, and large and small shopping.

Zhongtuo P-beam forming machine can produce various specifications of products with one equipment.

There are a total of 26 sets of rollers in the forming part, and only 6 sets need to be replaced.

By adjusting the outer cable mother and other sets of rollers, multiple models can be changed.
Install dual group argon arc welding for spot welding operation, and use high-speed cutting saw for cutting part.

To ensure the production capacity of the equipment, argon arc welding, cutting saws, and discharge racks are all connected by servo and move together with the equipment, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

Zhongtuo cold bending makes production simpler