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In ceiling decoration, T-shaped keel is a common material, also known as # painted keel. By combining galvanized material and fabric during the molding process, a T-shaped structure is formed to provide stable support for the ceiling. In order to meet market demand, China has launched a fully automatic T-shaped keel machine to improve productivity and reduce labor costs. This article will introduce the characteristics of this machine and its application in ceiling decoration.

1、 The point of fully automatic keel machine

Zhongtuo’s fully automatic keel machine adopts an integrated machine design, with a smooth and smooth surface. The entire production process is fully automated with a user interface that provides multiple language options, making it convenient for operators to use. The host adopts a 5.5KW Siemens motor, with smooth transmission and non low noise. In addition, the fully automatic keel machine adopts storage type rapid stamping technology, which can complete punching and punching in one stamping without the need for shutdown stamping, greatly improving production efficiency.


2、 Application fields and advantages

The T-shaped keel plays a crucial supporting role in ceiling decoration, and its quality directly affects the stability and aesthetics of the ceiling. The T-shaped keel produced by Zhongtuo’s fully dynamic keel machine has high quantity and consistency, which can meet various ceiling decoration needs.


1. Keel production: The adoption of fully automatic keel machines greatly improves production efficiency, eliminates the tedious process of manual operation, reduces production cycles, and improves the progress of ceiling decoration.

2 Quality assurance: The fully automatic keel machine adopts energy storage fast stamping technology, ensuring consistent quality of each hole and punch, avoiding errors caused by human operation, and improving product consistency and stability.


3. Environmental protection and energy conservation: The fully automatic keel machine adopts Siemens all copper wire motors, which transmit smoothly and have very low noise, and will not interfere with the production environment and operators. Meanwhile, the fully automated production process reduces energy waste and meets the requirements of energy conservation.


Zhongtuo’s # fully automatic T-shaped keel machine has special advantages in the field of # ceiling decoration. It meets the demand for T-shaped keel in hanging decoration through production quality, environmental protection and energy conservation. Zhongtuo will continue to innovate, provide more advanced decoration equipment for the industry, and help the development of the ceiling decoration industry.