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Full-automatic C/Z/U all-in-one machine equipment, C, Z, U multi-shape, one machine produces multiple shapes and multiple model sizes.

Full-automatic CZ section steel all-in-one machine production process is completely automatic control, no need to change the forming rollers when changing the specification, which saves a lot of investment cost and site space for users.

CZ section steel equipment is a kind of equipment used for steel processing, mainly used for cutting, forming, punching and other processing of steel.The main advantages of CZ section steel equipment are simple operation, high efficiency, high precision, long service life and so on.

The launch of CZ section steel integrated machine is a change of open source and cost saving project in steel structure industry. The main features of the equipment are as follows:

1、Shear without changing the cutter head;

2, rapid type change, three minutes any type change;
3, adjustability, web, flange, flange edge can be made to adjust in millimetres;

4, CZ section steel all-in-one machine, CZ three-step type change;
5, co-axial design, reducing the broken shaft appeared on both sides of the height inequality problem on.