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The trapezoid roof sheet making machine is used to make trapezoidal profile panels. A trapezoidal roof profile has a ribbed trapezoidal-shape pattern across the panel.

Trapezoidal rib roofs are popular with producers because the shape makes them very material-efficient. This makes for a very cost-effective profile. The shadows of the trapezoidal shapes offer clean lines whether installed vertically diagonally,or horizontally.They also possess good structural characteristics and can carry design loads well.

The whole production line include: Decoiler, roll former, hydraulic cutting system, control system and receive table.

Part 1:Decoiler

Function:To support the coil for production

Types:Manual and automatic for option

Capacity:Normal 5 tons,other weight also can customized

Hydraulic decoiler with loading car

Part 2:Roll former

The roll former part include the machine frame,feeder,shaft and rollers,chain transmission,motor,cutter etc,it is used to produce the flat sheet to trapezoidal sheet.

The feeders:our feeders use the stainless rollers to avoid the material from scratching.

Shaft and Rollers:All of our shaft are solid,and our rollers are hard chromed to improve the hardness of the roller so that it can use longer time.

Cutting device:Stronger guide post cutting device and the blade holder which will make the cutter working more stable and long life-time.


Part 3:Control system

Our machine adopt famous brand in the control system,such as Siemens PLC and touch screen,Schneider low voltage apparatus and omron encoder,these brand electric parts have after-sale service in the whole world which is more convenient for customer


Part 4: Hydraulic system:

Our hydraulic system is equipped with the fan cooling system,it can cool down the oil during long time working or at hot weather.

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