Take Enterprises as Teachers to Promote the Integration of Production and Education

—- The Teachers of Cangzhou Preschool Teachers College Entered Zhongtuo Machinery

In order to further promote the integration of production and education , Cangzhou Preschool Teachers College recently organized a group of professional teachers to go deep into Zhongtuo Machinery to carry out a week of business practice activities. This activity aims to enhance teachers’ understanding of cross-border e-commerce through field study and operation, and improve their practical teaching level and professional skills.Take Enterprises as Teachers to Promote the Integration of Production and Education

As a leading manufacturer of cold-forming equipment in China, Zhongtuo Machinery, its products are widely used in construction, transportation, energy and other fields, and its technical strength and market influence are in the forefront of the industry. The school-enterprise cooperation not only brought fresh educational resources and talent support to Zhongtuo Machinery, but also provided a valuable practice platform for teachers in Cangzhou Preschool Teachers College .

During the practical activities, the teachers had in-depth exchanges and discussions with business leaders and technical personnel, and had extensive discussions on the current development trend, training model and talent needs of cross-border e-commerce. These exchanges not only broaden the horizon of teachers, but also provide useful reference for their future teaching and research work.

Through this enterprise practice activity, the teachers of Cangzhou Preschool Teachers College not only improved their practical skills and professional quality, but also deeply realized the importance of the integration of production. They said that they will apply the knowledge and skills learned in business practice to the future teaching, and strive to cultivate more high-quality skilled talents in line with market demand.

The successful holding of the practical activity of teachers entering the enterprise not only laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two sides, but also set a new model for promoting the integration of industry and education. In the future, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation, jointly explore more innovative cooperation models, and make greater contributions to regional economic and social development.