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Steel panel profile rolling forming machine is designed to make various types steel panel profiles in batch fully automatically. As to the Zhongtuo roll forming equipment consists of decolier machine, feeding table, guiding equipment, roll forming system, post-cutting system (electric 0 hydraulic), controlling system and hydraulic station.
Wide variety of cold-formed steel, from the sub-section shape, with open, semi-closed and closed, the main products of roll forming machine are cold-formed channel steel, angle steel, Z section steel, cold-formed corrugated steel, pipe, square tube, rectangular tube, welded tube-shaped, rolling shutter doors and so on. Steel cross-section shape can be designed: size, accuracy, and length can flexibly be adjusted according to need, all supplied by length or double length, improve maternal utilization. Production processes can also be matched with the punch, so as to meet different requirements.
Here I will take a random Steel panel profile for roofing for example to show the machine how it is designed.

Steel Panel Profile Rolling Forming Machine Vietnam Korean Area

For this kind of steel panel profile mostly we are used for wall panel roofing deck or others. Material mostly we use
Pre Painted AZ coated coils having Yield strength ranges from 340 MPa to 700 MPa and the thickness ranging from 0.5 to 1.0MM
1). Production process
Uncoiling→ Feeding→hydraulic pre-cutter →Roll forming → Auto shearing → receiving table

Steel Panel Profile Rolling Forming Machine Vietnam Korean Area

2).Main components( packing list)

110 Ton hydraulic decoiler with loading carset1
2Feeding partset1
3Hydraulic pre-cutterset1
4Main roll formerset1
5Auto shearing partset1
6Product run-out tableset1
7PLC control stationset1
8Hydraulic oil pump stationset1
9Spare partsset1

Steel Panel Profile Rolling Forming Machine Vietnam Korean Area

10 Ton hydraulic decoiler with loading car
B. It adopts the hydraulic oil cylinder to make the decoiler expandable and fit to the inner diameter of coils. It is equipped with the cantilever.
C. Motor drive the coils running and can do forward and reverse running as well as do the decoiling with tension.
D. The core can ensure the expand range φ450 of the coils inner diameter. It will provide the rubber band to ensure the 550 mm diameter.
Carrying capacity: 10 tons
Max coil width: 1250 mm
Feeding speed: 0-20 m/min (adjustable)
Hydraulic motor power: 5.5 kw
Frequency speed control motor: 7.5KW
Structure: welding by the steel plates and profiled bar.

Steel Panel Profile Rolling Forming Machine Vietnam Korean Area

More details of the Steel panel profile rolling forming machine:

Steel Panel Profile Rolling Forming Machine Vietnam Korean Area

Forming speed:0-20m/min
Transmission way:One side is by 1 inch double chain
Another side has gears for assist driving
Main motor:Total 37KW (18.5KW*2 motors) Lichao, Chinese famous brand

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