In any building, barn or warehouse, the structural engineering of the roof is integral. Every roof needs a framework that will support the loads applied – without it there is nothing for the roofing sheets roof tiles to rest on which could result in deflection. This is what makes purlins such an important part of every roof structure.

Zhongtuo Machinery design the purlin machine, have help some many customers:


Purlins are beams that can be used to create a building framework to support the weight of roofing sheets or wall cladding sheets attached. Some roof purlins are made of wood, however, galvanized steel purlins offer additional benefits including durability, cost and structural length.At Dependable Steel we manufacture a combination of C purlins and Z purlins. When combined, our galvanized steel purlins provide a complete structural solution ready for roofing and side cladding.

C SECTION PURLINS are designed to form the walls and floor joists of a building shell structure, making them ideal for supporting beams needed for mezzanine flooring.Z PURLINS are horizontal beams that are designed to form the roof and wall joists of a buildings shell structure. By sitting between the roofing sheets and the building, they act as a support for the sheet to ensure it is firmly attached and secured safely in position.

How to change from C purline to Z purline?

Manual adjustment

Manually rotate the CZ type changing rollers 180 degrees, three groups in total. This is the most common choice, the cost is not high Period of adjustment is short, 5 mins is enough , and operation also easy.

Onetouch PLC fully automatic CZ change. No labor, more efficient.

How to set the holes sizes and hole distance?

The machine has designed the setting of four punching stations. The setting value of the each punching position on the screen is the distance from the beginning of the formed product to the punching hole center. Each punching station can set 90 values, which means that you can punch 90 holes of the same size at different positions on one product.


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