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Simple Metal Coil Slitting Production Line

        Slitting machine is used to slit PPGI coil, aluminum coil, galvanized coil, stainless steel, carbon steel and other coils into several small strips along the length direction. The slitting ling mainly consists of uncoiler, leveling system, slitting system, shearing system, damping structure and  recoiler and so on. We can design and manufacture different specification according to different requirement of the client.

        Here I will introduce one type slitting line for the thin sheet. It could be used to process the thickness from 0.2 to 1.2mm and the coil width to 1250mm width.

The machine slitting speed can reach 15 to 20 meter per minute.

 Simple Metal Coil Slitting Line
Simple Metal Coil Slitting Line


Main specification:

SpecificationMaterialPPGI, GI, Al, copper etc.
Thickness0.4-1.0 mm




 Weight5 T
Slitting accuracyWidth tolerance:

Longitudinal tolerance





Way of cuttingFeed cutting
Slitting stripsMax. 10 strips
Stripe widthMin 60mm
Re-coiler diameterΦ508mm
Speed 0-20M/min


Simple slitting line more details functions for your reference:

5 Ton manual decoilerSupporting coils and doing uncoiling, passive type, the core moving forward or reverse is pulled by slitting machine. Shrink and expand core manually.

Carrying capacity: 5 tons

Core inner diameter: 450-550mm

Max coil width: 1250 mm

Structure: Steel channel welded for the basic frame, profiled bar

Advantage: by a big wheel. with manual brake, so operate more easily

Manual Decoiler
Manual Decoiler
Straighten leveling, slitting with cut to length machineInput : 1250mm

Thickness : 0.4-1.0mm GI, SS, Aluminum, film coated sheet

Rollers : 3 up 4down,2 input

Shaft: Φ110mm

Wall panel: 25mm, A3 400H steel frame

Power: 7.5 kw

Speed: 16m/min

Hydraulic power: 5.5 kw.

Driven : Chain

Cutting blade and slitting blade: Cr12

Slitting : max. 10 pcs

The machine can straighten leveling then cut to length

Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 220 V, 60 Hz, 3Phase (this is can depend on customer request)

Solenoid valve: YUKEN

straighten leveling device
straighten leveling device
CuttingCutting motion: The main machine automatically stops and then cutting. After the cutting, the main machine will automatically start.

Material of blade: CR12 , cut form down to up.

Length measuring: Automatic length measuring

Tolerance of length: 10+/- 1.5mm

Metal slitting part will be like this.

Slitting blade device
Slitting blade device
PLC control systemVoltage, Frequency, Phase: 220 V, 60 Hz, 3Phase (this is can depend on customer request)

Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen

PLC : KAUTO Touch screen: MCGS

Frequency converter: DELTA

PLC control system
PLC control system
Damping StructureProvide tension force for the metal strip after slitting, so that it can be more neatly and tightly re-rolled into a steel coil on the winder.

The felt of the clamping mechanism can well protect the metal surface from scratches.

Damping Structure
Damping Structure
5T Hydraulic RecoilerReqcoiler form : 5 tons hydraulic recoiler with trolley

ID of Coil: ø 508mm,

Max Width : 1500mm

Max. Weight      : 5T

Hydraulic power: 4 kw with air cooling system

Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 220 V, 60 Hz, 3Phase (this is can depend on customer request)

A nylon plate is installed on the trolley table surface, which can effectively avoid scratches on the painted surface of the steel coil during loading and unloading.

Hydraulic Recoiler
Hydraulic Recoiler
Color of the machineBlue (or as request of client)