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A lightweight shelf is a very economical, practical, and convenient warehouse shelf, which is composed of three components: column pieces, crossbeams, and laminates.

The fully assembled structure allows for easy and flexible assembly, installation, and disassembly.

Commonly used in industries such as electronics, light industry, and e-commerce.

The Zhongtuo light steel shelf panel production line adopts a multi composite, multi folding, and multi punching form, forming a very good load-bearing capacity, a multi-layer closed shelf tray.

Through a series of processes such as uncoiling, leveling, pre punching, cold bending forming, and front and rear flanging, the entire production line adopts centralized automatic control to complete 40 online bends. The forming machine is linked with flanging and bending.

The produced pallets have a riveted structure, which greatly improves the firmness and load-bearing capacity of the product.

The lightweight shelf adopts a screw free combination design, which is easy and fast to install and disassemble.

The price of lightweight shelves is relatively economical, and the structure is relatively stable and reliable compared to universal angle steel shelves. The surface is treated with spray coating, which is beautiful and tidy.