Metal profile stud rolling forming machine

Metal profile stud rolling forming machine is designed to make the metal profiles in batch fully automatically. Metal profiles are precision-engineered, high-quality steel sections that are used to form the metal substructure of the Drywall or ceiling Systems. All metal sections produced from high-grade hot dip galvanized steel coils with the cold rolled forming process by the rolling forming machine. Here we will take some random drawing to show you how the metal profile rolling forming machine is designed.

Sturdy 0.6 mm sections with full set of compatible accessories
Part of a complete ceiling system
Only one type of channel for main and furring functions
Increased web width for faster/easier installations and smoother joints

Where to use of those profiles:

Metal profile stud rolling forming machine

Metal profile stud rolling forming machine parameters and options for your reference.

1.We have the following speed options for your reference:
Normally 25 to 35 meter per minute without punching
High speed is from 50 to 75 meter per minute with punching
Highest speed now we can reach 120 meter per minute with punching.
2.Adjustment options.
We have manual adjustment by spacer.
We have PLC control fully automatic type.

The machine working flow like this:

Note: We use split rollers to realize one machine to produce C products with different bottom widths.
Voltage380V ,50Hz, 3Phase (as customer request)
Frame typeMemorial arch frame of thickness 30mm
Drive modeHeavy duty gearbox as transmission
Material of rollersGCr12mov
Material of shafts45# steel with tempering
Diameter of shaftsΦ70mm
Number of rollers15 rollers With more rib roller one more station
Main power7.5 kw and with one more motors 11kw
Raw Materials of the steel coilGalvanized steel plate
Material thickness0.5-1.5 mm
Forming speed50 m per minute without punching hole


The following we share the manual adjustment machine. The advantages of it, that manual adjustment cost is more lower and if you have the engineers who are professional for machines, manual adjustment will be best options.

If you need to add the punching or the embossing, we can also add for you. We can design the dotting embossing or various types holes either non-stop or stop punching.