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The rapid development of the global logistics system has driven the demand for shelves in warehouses, express delivery points, and other areas.

The demand for shelves in the market will come from the replacement of shelves in the future.

The shelf column is the main load-bearing component of the shelf, and its design is the hub of the entire shelf system, directly related to the safety of the structure and the economy of use.

The commonly used thickness for shelf columns is generally between 1.5mm and 3.0mm.

The shelf column system equipment of Zhongtuo adopts an integrated machine of uncoiling and feeding, which enters the 80 ton mechanical punching machine through a servo feeder for hydraulic punching.

After 18 sets of rollers are formed and straightened, they are hydraulically cut off. The material receiving platform can be either a roller conveyor receiving platform or an electric permanent magnet handling stacker.

Automatically receive the pillars after cutting and stack them.

Zhongtuo adopts advanced molding technology to ensure the stable and reliable shape and size of the columns.

We can produce columns of various shapes and sizes according to different needs, suitable for the production of various types of shelves.
Zhongtuo cold bending makes production simpler.