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PV5 roof sheet and corrugated sheet roll forming machine is a double layer machine to produce the PV5 metal roof sheet and corrugated sheet for Chilean market,these two moldels are very popular in Chile.

The profile drawing of the PV5 roof sheet and corrugated sheet:








Model:PV5 and corrugated sheet.

Coil size:940mm and 1000mm

Effective width:854mm and 825mm

We have a professional engineer team which can design the machine as customer’s request.


Main technical parameters of the whole line:

1.Uncoiler/Decoiler:Capacity 5-10 tons,manual or automatic optional

2.Roller station:10 stations for PV5

13 stations for corrugated sheet

3.Roller material:45# steel with heat treatment

4.Shaft diameter:80mm

5.Shaft material:45# steel with quenched treatment

6.Motor power:5.5kw

7.Transmission:by double chains

8.Hydraulic cutting,no distorting or wasting.High safety level.

9.Hydraulic power:5.5kw

10.Product receive table:3 m*2 sets

More pictures of our machine:








The video of the machine working:

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