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The metal floor support plate forming equipment is designed to achieve batch automated production of metal floor support plates. Floor slabs are commonly used to construct sloping, flat, or curved roofs and are suitable for almost all types of buildings.

The Zhongtuolou bearing plate equipment mainly consists of several parts, including an uncoiler, a feeding part, a forming host, a forming cutting device, a hydraulic station, and a computer control cabinet.

Zhongtuo Building Support Plate Equipment can be customized for production according to actual needs, reducing waste and material loss, and improving resource utilization.

The equipment adopts a PLC control system and hydraulic cutting device to ensure accurate length setting and clean and neat cutting.

Using a touch screen for operation is simpler and more intuitive.

The metal floor support plate equipment ensures the accuracy and consistency of the product through accurate forming technology, and improves product quality.

The floor support plate produced by this equipment has a simple shape, high waviness, high strength, and is installed with spot welded steel mesh and combined with on-site concrete pouring. It has good adhesion and can withstand large loads, ensuring the safety of the building.