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Is your Roofing panel with felt curved after production?How to solve the curve of the roofing panel?Let me introduce to you in the below.

As we know that the roofing panel with felt is also used widely because of its feature of keeping warm,resist the noise and resist the condensate water.

But some users found that panel with felt has a big curve,it is not as straight as the panel without the felt,the reason of this problem is because of the roll forming design.


The curved panel with felt picture in the below:











Our company Cangzhou Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery is the professional manufacturer for this kind of machines,and we have produced a lot of this machines for our customers in Ireland.


The panel effect with felt which is produced by our machines:







The more introduction of our machines:

1.Hydraulic decoiler with loading car:Equipped with press arm to keep the coil from loosing.(Manual decoiler is optional)









2.Felt device










3.Roll former:Special roller design to produce the panel with felt.










4.Strong cutter








5.Whole cover for safety and for CE request.