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What is the metal roofing decking ?

Metal roofing decks are available in a variety of types including narrow rib, intermediate rib, wide rib, and deep rib, and are used to support insulation or lightweight concrete and the waterproof membrane of a roof. Our metal roofing deck is used as a foundation for flat steel deck, pitched, and arched roof systems because of their high strength-to-weight ratio of the steel ratio. Metal roof decking products act alone in transferring horizontal and vertical loads into the building frame. These metal roofing deck can be left exposed for open ceiling designs or manufactured with added acoustical perforations. Additionally, metal roofing decks are known to provide a solid work surface for the installation of insulation, weatherproofing, and roofing materials.

And we have customized many normal and special machines for our clients, here are some pictures for your reference:











Here are some normal profiles our clients need:






















Why we say you get what you pay for? Why do we recommend you our ZTRFM equipments because details really determine success or failure!  Below I show some details of our equipments.

We all know that the raw material of the floor deck is galvanized sheet. Long-term use will lead to dezincification and cause the wheels to be uneven.

 How to solve dezincification problem?

  • Adding oiling device
  • Adding soapy water is not recommended now
  • The roller is processed but the cost will be very high.


Advantages of our shearing part

No. 1  : Our equipment uses double-edged knives. The bottom two blades are the same as the version, and  the top one has many saws to ensure that the cutting is not deformed, but there will be a small amount of waste.

No.2: Combined with the eye end slide section, it is more stable than the guide column structure




















No.3 There is a gear device on the side, with tensioned left and right, to prevent the chain from loosening due to long-term use




















The machine is equipped with a clutch device to avoid too fast the main power of the shaft at the feeding port, but the rear wheels have resistance and cause the material to be uneven













If you want to explain more information, you can send an inquiry and we will share it with you!