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Checkered plate is applied widely in our daily life. You can see them here and there. And an quality embossing machine is very important. The most popular embossing pattern is as following. If you need other patterns, please tell us.

Here we introduce an 4X1500 size embossing machine for you.


Technical parameters


Profile drawingAs the attached photo
Profile dimension4mm*1500mm




Carbon steel,Galvanised,Cold/Hot rolled: 1.54mm



















Technical parameter

1. The two rollers of the embossing machine are solid and forged, the material is 42crmo alloy steel, heat-treated, hard

Degree HRC55°— 60°.

2. The diameter of the embossing roller is 450mm×1650mm, and the working thickness of the pressing plate is 1.5mm-4mm. Gravure carved flower

The depth of the pattern is 3.8mm; the height of the engraved convex roller is

2.5mm. The pattern is a willow leaf pattern. Pressure-bearing material For carbon steel plate, 304 stainless steel plate.

3.The work roll is equipped with a national standard motor with a power of 11 kilowatts, a set of special reducers, and a brand

National standard. The working speed of the embossing machine is 3.5 m/min.

4.The overall frame is welded at the bottom. The main body of the frame is a whole. The wall thickness on both sides of the equipment is 140mm,

Body solid material. The size of the host is 4.5m in length, 1.1m in width and 1.8m in height.

The overall net weight is 9.5 tons.

5.The pressure adjustment of the work roll is screw type up and down adjustment. Gear turbine box transmission, manual adjustment on both sides

Joint method, working pressure manual adjustment device with pressure adjustment reference scale.

6.Accessories: A supporting feeder platform, 1.5m×2.6m. There are 10 rollers and 4 guide wheels.

7.When the equipment is checked and accepted, the purchaser shall prepare materials of various specifications to the supplier’s factory for test machine acceptance. Reach the supplier to provide

The sample effect is qualified.

8.Equipped with leveling machine, diameter 140mm×1650mm. Motor 5KW, one electric cabinet

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Payment30% By TT in advance, balance before shipment.
Delivery time60 working days after receiving deposit.



After-sales service

A: Warranty: One year ,and we will provide technical support for whole life.Some spare parts are available.

B: Training: the buyer should pay for visa, round-trip

ticket, food and accommodation overseas and USD100/person/day for salary.

C. The advantage of my factory: we have a team of skilled engineers and one group for after-sale service. The customer can find us in China or aboard. We go aboard

2-3 times each year to participate exhibition and visit customers.