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Hat shaped keel is a U-shaped metal material with protrusions

Easy to fix various lighting fixtures and other decorative materials

It is a bracket structure for ceiling or interior wall decoration

So the application scenarios of hat shaped keel are relatively wide.

Zhongtuo High Speed Hat Type Keel Machine

Independent memorial archway, beautiful structure,

Adopting programmable PLC control system, frequency converter speed regulation, simple and user-friendly operation

Servo tracking shear, with a maximum working speed of 70 meters per minute, high speed and stability

Cut without deformation and without burrs.

This device has the characteristics of accurately controlling the plate size, pressing plate accuracy, and rolling speed

Install a fully automatic packaging and stacking line,

Integrated automated production of reverse fastening, bundling, and stacking,

Save time, effort, and labor

Zhongtuo, making production simpler