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Full Automatic Steel Downspout Roll Forming Machine

         Collecting roof rainwater is an integral part of the falling water system, which is concentrated into the rainwater pipes laid below the ground. The steel downspout roll forming machine is used to produce downpipes for rainwater systems. The downspout making machine adopts new high-tech, owning higher speed and lower noise. All machines can be customized. It could be used to make the pipes in high speed. For this machine, we adopt middle plate weld machine frame to make sure machine working speed and steady.

Downpipe material can be divided into:

1. Metal pipes (such as cast iron pipes, colored aluminum pipes, copper pipes, colored steel pipes, etc.)

2. Plastic pipes (such as PVC pipes, etc.)

         Here is the downspout profile drawing and dimensions for your reference. This interlock design don’t need any welding, it can save cost in machine production.

Profile drawing of the downspout
Profile drawing of the downspout

The Application of the finished product:

Application of the downspout
Application of the downspout


The Main Parameters of the machine:

  1. Raw material: Galvanized steel Coils
  2. Raw material thickness: 0.5-0.8mm
  3. Coil width: 325mm
  4. Yield Strength: 235Mpa
  5. Quantity of forming rollers stations: 20-22
  6. Diameter of forming rollers shafts: 60mm
  7. Roll Forming Speed: 8-12m/min
  8. Forming rollers material: No.45 steel, coated with chromed treatment
  9. Cutter material: CR12 mould steel, with quenched treatment
  10. Controlling system: PLC and Converter
downspout making machine
downspout making machine