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This is a set of Fritillaria board machine exported to India, producing a complete set of equipment with the YXB65-430 version, including forming machine, edge locking machine, arc bending machine, and oblique slitting machine.

This equipment can produce any length of straight or fan-shaped panels on the construction site according to the actual needs of the project, and then perform partial bending without being limited by transportation conditions, thereby avoiding longitudinal overlap of roof panels, reducing the possibility of water leakage, and improving the overall and aesthetic appearance of the roof.

Main forming machine: including longitudinal forming machines that can produce conventional roof panels and single-sided forming machines for trapezoidal panels. Various straight, oblique, and conical panels can be produced.
Electric edge locking machine: It is a multi row axial longitudinal edge locking machine suitable for locking conventional roof panels and trapezoidal panels
Arc bending machine: This equipment can continuously bend in both positive and negative directions on the same board, with a minimum radius of 1 meter for one positive bending and 3.5 meters for reverse bending. It is used in conjunction with a single roll edge locking machine and comes with a small container, making it convenient for on-site operations.

Slant slitting machine: suitable for any type of fan-shaped or straight plate within a range of 1300mm, CNC production is carried out according to CAD drawings, including straight slitting, oblique slitting, cutting, and automatic slitting and forming.
The entire set of equipment meets the needs of different roofs to the greatest extent possible.

On the construction site, according to the actual needs of the project, produce straight and fan-shaped panels of any length, and then perform partial bending, without being limited by transportation conditions, in order to avoid longitudinal overlap of roof panels, reduce the possibility of water leakage, and improve the overall integrity and aesthetics of the roof.

In addition, electrical components are iterated into Siemens products, combined with Siemens remote operation and maintenance technology, which can achieve artificial intelligence production. Customers can import CAD drawings into their devices and easily obtain device data through mobile phones and computers. Zhongtuo not only provides customers with a complete set of forming machine equipment, but also a perfect solution for the production of color steel tiles.

Zhongtuo cold bending makes production simpler.