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The main purpose of C-shaped steel photovoltaic brackets is to provide stable support for solar photovoltaic panels, enabling them to effectively absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity.

It is usually installed on roofs, floors, or other suitable locations for installing solar photovoltaic panels.

This set of C-shaped steel photovoltaic bracket equipment exported to Jordan can produce two different sizes of products

41 * 20mm and 41 * 40mm, material thickness: 1.5mm&1.8mm

According to the order requirements, a 3-ton manual uncoiler is equipped, and 12 sets of memorial archway are selected for the forming machine gears

Shaft diameter 60mm, gearbox transmission, hydraulic cut-off, hydraulic pump with air-cooled condenser

The C-shaped steel photovoltaic brackets produced by Zhongtuo can withstand significant weight and pressure.
Lightweight, easy to transport and install. Corrosion resistant, can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

It can improve the overall aesthetics of solar photovoltaic panels.
Zhongtuo cold bending makes production simpler.