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With the continuous expansion of the global market, Cangzhou Zhongtuo Cold Bending Forming Equipment Co., Ltd. is expanding into the international market, and its highly praised cross cutting line products among Indian customers are receiving attention. This article will introduce the servo motor drive, quadruple leveling technology, remote operation and maintenance, and remote data collection features of Zhongtuo Cold Bending’s cross cutting line for Indian customers, showcasing Zhongtuo Cold Bending’s performance in the international market.

1、 Servo motor drive technology


Zhongtuo Cold Bending Indian Customer # Cross cutting Line adopts advanced servo motor drive technology to achieve high-speed operation and accurate cutting. Servo motors have the characteristics of high-speed response, high-precision positioning, and strong stability, which can meet customer requirements for product quality and production efficiency. The application of this technology has made Zhongtuo’s cold bending and cross cutting line highly recognized in the Indian market.

2、 Quadruple leveling – more outstanding flatness

Zhongtuo Cold Bending’s Indian customers have adopted advanced quadruple leveling technology for cross cutting, which can effectively improve the flatness of the product. The quadruple leveling technology, through multiple leveling, makes the flatness of the product more outstanding, meeting the needs of customers for high-precision cutting, while improving the quality and market competitiveness of the product.


3、 Remote operation and maintenance – intelligent management to assist customers in production

Zhongtuo Cold Bending’s Indian customer’s cross cutting line has remote operation and maintenance functions, which can achieve remote control and fault diagnosis of equipment through remote monitoring and management systems. This feature greatly improves the reliability and stability of the equipment, reduces production downtime, provides production assurance for customers, and has won unanimous praise from customers.


4、 Remote data collection – intelligent production, improving efficiency

Zhongtuo Cold Bending’s Indian customer cross cutting line also has remote data collection function, which can monitor and collect equipment operation data in real time, providing data support and decision-making basis for customers. Through data analysis and mining, customers can promptly send Cangzhou Zhongtuo Cold Bending Forming Equipment Co., Ltd.: to create a transverse cutting line solution for Indian customers!