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    • General
      • typeand picture: ZT-28
      • Scopeof application: Carbon steel, Q235 and
      • Pipespecification:

Round: MAXØ50 mm Square:MAX35X35mm

Rectangle: less than MAX20X50mm Wall thickness: 0.6 ~ 2.5mm

Inside bead NOT removing.

  • line speed: 120 m/min.(Less than 25 in diameter)
  • Cuttinglength: 5 ~ 99 meters.
  • Lengthprecision: ±1.5 mm (line speed fluctuating less than 2%)
  • ElectricDescription
    • Drivingmotor: servo motor 11KW/2000rpm, from PHASE, Servo controller power: 11KW, from PHASE
    • Feeding motor: servo motor1.9KW/2000rpm, from PHASE .Servo controller power: 2KW from PHASE
    • Blademotor: AC motor 5KW/1460rpm, from SIEMENS. Frequency converter power: 11KW SIEMENS

Servo controller power:11KW ,SIEMENS

  • Allthree motor cable from Germany SIEMENS
  • Lengthmeasurement:2000 pulse  IP65 waterproof and dustproof from OMRON.
  • Controlcabinet: 1000*600*2200mm, Operating desk: 800*510*1100mm.
  • Driving axis run a E-CAM curve. Float home point of saw platform.Customer can set home point according to the length of tube. Fixed back point of saw platform for section receiving.


  • Saw blade automatic tool setting. The feeding axis detects the bladediameter automatically, without manual
  • Support up to 6length groups and online changing the group. Max setting length 99m.


  • Supportup to 24 pipe  Including tube thickness, feeding distance, teeth feeding, etc. The customer just picks up recipe when changing pipe.
  • Via expand the system I/O points, meet the customer requirement ofsort, packing of the
  • Through 4G wireless network, 24 hours of remote online diagnosis,fault query, fault repair and program update download function are realized, and unattended after-sales service is realized, so as to solve the worries for
  • MechanicalDescription
    • Machinedimension: 4420*1380*1350mm
    • Machineweight: 2250Kg (approximately).


  • Bladegear box: special design for cold saw (ratio 9)
  • Blade:HHS 350mm diagram, 180/200 teeth, 50mm centre hole, 4*15*80 dowel hole. Offer 1 pcs
  • HSSblade has at least 20mm additional diameter for re-sharp.

  • Gearrack length: 3 meters, from KH,
  • Linearguide system: 5 meters, from HIWIN,
  • Feedingball screw system: 45mm diagram, from HIWIN,
  • Clamp:2 group with  fixture Offer 1 set
  • Thesaw blade is equipped with wire brush device, which can be locked/removed to clean, convenient to adjust, and remove the iron scrap on the saw blade when
  • Themain shaft is equipped with a saw blade buffer (program protection), which can reduce the vibration of the saw blade and prolong the life of the

  • The device base is equipped with an entry guide roller (upper andlower roller) (with an eccentric way to adjust the height of the roller). The last set of fixtures comes with a bracket;


  • Each block is equipped with adjustable cooling emulsified liquid spraypipe to flush impurities and iron chips on the washing clamps, and no need for independent water supply device; The retaining nut of the fixture has anti-loose mechanism;

  • Sawcutting mode: saw blade and feed adjustable, that is, feed servo


motor speed inconsistent, saw blade speed consistent; 3 segments adjustable (ensure the steel pipe does not change, no burr)

  • Themeasuring roller device adopts the double roller spring form
  • The precise moving parts are provided with an oil pump which canautomatically fill the lubricating  The filling amount of each component is adjustable.