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The hydraulic arching machine equipment is a fully automatic machine for bending finished roof panels, which can meet the needs of bending and arched roof tiles.

The hydraulic arching machine can control the angle and speed of finished product bending by adjusting parameters. Ensure consistency and stability of finished product quality.

Whether it is a simple straight arch or a complex curved arch, it can be easily achieved. The new hydraulic arching machine of Zhongtuo adopts advanced technology, and the fixed blades are set on the beam instead of using screws.

Due to this new fixing method, the service life of the blades of the hydraulic arching machine can be extended by 3-5 years.

Hydraulic arching machines have been widely used in the roof tile arching industry.

Its basic principle is simple, easy to operate, and has safety advantages such as saving time, controllable arch quality, and simple operation.