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In the construction industry, antique glazed tile pressing machine equipment has always been loved for its unique color and luster.

Zhongtuo Antique Glass Tile Forming Machine is a fully automatic tile pressing machine used to produce colored glass tiles.

The antique glazed tile forming machine adopts advanced technology and equipment, with accurate production capacity.

It is a complete set of fully automatic glazed tile production line, which can significantly improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce labor investment and production costs.

This set of equipment is equipped with a PLC control cabinet, achieving fully automatic and easy to operate production.

We have chrome plated the roller part of the forming part, which not only ensures that the material surface will not be scratched during forming, but also extends the service life of the machine.

The antique glazed tiles produced by the molding machine have unique colors and luster, making the architecture more artistic and ornamental.

At the same time, they also have characteristics such as weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and waterproofing, which can reasonably protect buildings.

According to different equipment requirements and tile types, we can provide customized machine services for you.