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Automatic box beam rolling forming machine

Automatic box beam rolling forming machine is designed to make the box beam for warehouse system, the whole process are automatic, from C profile making to box beam locking together by the convey table. Normally speaking one work can run the whole production line.

Automatic means:

  1. All the C profile sizes are adjusted by PLC control.
  2. From C profile to box beam locking is automatic.
  3. Conveying from C profile to locking automatic.

Here we take several sizes for your reference:



Beams are the horizontal, robust. It belongs to connector system, racking components where loads

prevents the beam from falling, which are deposited. They are joined to the could occur if it began to open due to uprights via connectors or end plates,fatigue. Each beam has two builtin which fit into the slots on the upright. safety devices, to prevent accidental. The hooks on these end plates, in dislodging.

This feature considerably in terms of size, as well as load type increases load capacity and prevents

and capacity. The measurements of deformations that typically occur the load levels are determined by the

when the connection between the number and size of the pallets stored.

Automatic box beam rolling forming machine Working flow:

Part 1: Automatic sizes changing and PLC control part.

By this machine, you can make any sizes within some range, the mold will move along the shaft and then the sizes could be bigger and smaller.

Part 2: convey system:

By this system the C profile will be conveyed to the box beam locking machine .

Part 3: Locking machine.

By this locking machine, the box beam will be made. And after locking, the box beam will be conveyed to the receiving table, whole production is done.


How the box beams are used:

And for this machine, we can also design the separated type half automatic one. If you need more information, please contact us at any time.