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Shelving column system equipment is equipment used to generate one of the important components of pallet racking, and the finished product is produced as “shelving columns”. The size and design of the columns vary according to the load capacity and style, such as L-type (light capacity), C-type (medium capacity), and special C-type (large capacity). During the manufacturing process, the holes and slots are stamped for mounting the load beams into the vertical racks. This racking column system equipment contains a complete column production line including uncoiler, hydraulic punching machine, racking column forming machine, receiving table and other parts, which can be parameterised to produce different sizes of racking columns. The equipment adopts PLC control system and hydraulic shear equipment, which can cut the columns at fixed length, and ensure that the finished product has a smooth and beautiful cut.

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1.Material thickness: 2-2.5 mm
2.Raw material:Mild steel Main Introduction
The automatic stacking machine is to receive the upright automatically after cutting,and do the stacking.
The whole set of equipment consists of servo motor, PLC and PRC touch screen etc. It has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful interface, reliable performance, convenient operation and high production efficiency. Main Parameters of the machine
1. Suitable product Upright profile product
2. Capacity About 120 kg/pc
3. Convey power 3 kw servo motor
4. Turn over power 0.75 kw
5. Stacking power 0.75 kw
6. Up and down stroke 1.3 m
7. Left and right stroke 1.8 m
8. Stacking method Electric permanent magnet handling
9. Counting length method Photoelectric sensor detection
10. Control method Motion Controller
11. Operation method 7 inch touch screen
12. Touch screen brand Delta
13. PLC brand Delta
14. Low pressure apparatus Schneider
15. Voltage 380V,50HZ,3PH
16. Langauge Chinese,English,Spanish