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Brief introduction: our metal rock bolts making machine adopt middle plate welded base and memorial arch structure, the base and the structure is heavy duty and high precision, they can guarantee the stable and lifetime of the machine. Our machine adopt the gear box transmission, motor reducer drive. When cut the product to length, the cutter will punch the notch on the end at the same time.

Here below is the split set ready made product photos for you check:

split set.jpgsplit.jpg

There are several machines contains in the metal rock bolts making system, we can make and supply all those machines for you:

1. Metal rock bolts making machine

2. Metal rock bolts plate pressing machine

3. Metal rock bolts necking machine

4. Metal rock bolts ring making machine

5. Metal rock bolts ring welding machine

  • Metal rock bolts making machine:

Split set outer diameter: 39mm ( we can make as your personal requirement)

Material thickness: 2.5-3.0mm

Here below product details drawing for you reference:

split set 2.png

2022 New Design China Made Metal Rock Bolts Making Forming Machine



















































Here our machine specifications for you check:

Decoiler – feeding – roll forming – cutting at the same time make the notch – receiving table

2022 New Design China Made Metal Rock Bolts Making Forming Machine

Item name



3t loading capacity manual decoiler

Feeding rollers

2 rollers

Guiding rollers

2 rollers

Forming machine rollers

7 rollers


Gear box

Drive motor power



41550hz 3phase or as customer requirement

Machine structure

Memorial arch roller fixer with middle plate weld base

Forming speed

0-15m per min

Supported material


Shaft diameter


Roller material

Cr12 with quench treatment

Hydraulic station power

5.5kw (supply power for notching and shearing)

Main forming machine size

About 6000 mm×1400 mm×1500 mm

PLC computer control

Delta brand (famous) from TAIWAN

Shearing type

Hydraulic power stop shearing and at the same time make the notch

Receiving table

2.5m length per piece

Here below are the other machines we can make for you:

  • Metal rock bolts plate press machine:

This product use the HYDRAULIC OIL machine to process.

The holes punching and shape pressing will at the same time. 

split set plate.png

Customer requirements:

Material thickness: 4.0 mm

Here below holes and other sizes details drawing for you reference:

2022 New Design China Made Metal Rock Bolts Making Forming Machine

  • Metal rock bolts necking machine:

This machine used for the necking of the finished split D39

Hydraulic motor power: 3kw

Mould material: GCr12

split set necking machine.png

2022 New Design China Made Metal Rock Bolts Making Forming Machine

We have other machines also if you need:

  • Metal rock bolts ring making machine:
  • Metal rock bolts ring welding machine:

If you have demand of those above machines, please let us know and we can prepare the detail machine offer for you.

door machine.png